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We specialize in mobile application development, web application development and integration with external systems.

Mobile application

We develop mobile apps for the most used platforms on the market: Android and iOS.

Let's face it, we have already developed some great apps for start-ups, IoT industry, internal company systems and many more.

Web application

Our main focus are web apps and web administrations. We connect them together, likewise with external services.

We also make progressive web apps (PWA).

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Agile software development

We approach each project individually and we adjust our development process with the customer.

One of the possibilities is agile development which presents many benefits compared to fix-time, fix-price approach.

Main benefit of the agile approach is the option to make improvements during the application development process.

Thanks to agile approach, client has a complete overview of the development process. They are also able to make important decisions and know exactly where their money goes.

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Other services

We develop software from the draft up to the distribution and following support.
You might want to consider only part of our services without the need for a complex solution.

UI/UX analysis

This analysis is one of the most important steps in the software development process. If you want a price estimation for your project, wireframe model is the best way to go.


We understand the fact, that visual aspect sells. Therefore, we will deliver tailored graphics for your mobile or web project.


We work together with the best server and hosting providers in the field. Which we will use to provide you top technical support for your project.

IT consultation

Is your project still in your head? Are you interested in some topic from the IT field? We will gladly share our knowledge and thoughts with you to help with your project.